We won the 2018 Congressional App Challenge for our District FL-27 last year.

We had the opportunity to travel to Capitol Hill in Washington DC and present our web platform to members of Congress, as well as representative from large tech companies, incuding Amazon and Facebook. Click here to learn more about our submission for the competition and here to watch our challenge video.

* Our platform was originally called Kickstart, but we later switched the name to Career-Ready Coding.

Placeholder The team with ex-Congresswoman Illeana Ros-Lehtinen.

Over the past few months, our platform has gone interntational.

Using Google Analytics, we are able to track the activity and traffic coming into our site and find important data regarding user interaction. Recently, the CR Coding webpage has been accessed in countries such as Pakistan, Germany, Japan, and even Thailand!

Placeholder Retrieved from Google Analytics.

Our growth as an organization will help spread awareness on the importance of Computer Science Education worldwide.

Partnering with vital universities and organiztions such as FIU, Breakthrough Miami, and Tableau enables us to reach a wider audience in the South Florida region, but also allow public schools across the county follow our developing model of interactive computing courses for young scholars growing in an increasingly tech-based world.

Placeholder Jake Seymour (left), Sebastian Quintero (mid), and Ishan Shah (right) with Dr. Mario Eraso from FIU.